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Mantario Summer Program

Member-led Mantario Canoe Trips

Join us! Spend a week or week-end this summer immersed in the wilderness. Whether you are an experienced back-country paddler or a complete beginner, our member-led canoe trips are a great way to experience the incredible scenic beauty of the largest intact boreal forest in the world.

Each trip begins on Monday with an exhilarating full day's paddle over 7 lakes and 6 portages, is followed by three days at a rustic island cabin with a blissful wood-fired sauna , and finishes up on Friday with a day's paddle back out (Note: we occasionally host weekend trips that are exceptions to this weekday format). Canoes, paddles, safety equipment, food and accommodation are all provided.

Experienced leaders will help you learn canoeing techniques and basic wilderness skills. You will participate in all aspects of the experience, from portaging to washing dishes. Your enjoyment of nature will be enhanced by varied activities including hiking, exploring, fishing, refreshing swims and evening saunas.

The spectacular surroundings offer unmatched opportunities for photography, astronomy, botany and wildlife observation. Wildflowers dot every patch of sunlit ground. Songbirds and waterfowl make the most of the short northern summer. Each week a different expert helps you explore a new facet of the Mantario experience. Review this year's program listings and select the one that is right for you.

Book your trip today. You will return refreshed and invigorated by the beauty and tranquility of the Mantario Wilderness Experience.

See bottom of this page for details on rates and registration.

Mantario Summer Program Weeks

Wilderness Zone Tour Week

Event Date: 

Mon, July 8th to Fri, July 12th

Come on a tour of the Mantario Wilderness Zone with Botanist and Canoeist Charles Burchill.  Five days of paddling into or across 12 lakes, hiking the best part of the Mantario Trail, and learn about the area ecosystems. Learn fascinating bits about the names, ecology, edibility and uses of plants found in the area.  All from the comfort of the Mantario cabin.  More information and maps can be found here.

Astronomy Weekend

Event Date: 

Fri, July 26th to Mon, July 29th

Enjoy some of the darkest nighttime skies in southern Manitoba from the idyllic setting of the Mantario Wilderness Zone. With a thin crescent moon not rising until early morning, we'll take advantage of the dark to learn to navigate the stars, be amazed at the majesty of the Milky Way, view the wonders of the Universe through a telescope, and possibly enjoy some Northern Lights and meteors.

Birding Week

Event Date: 

Mon, August 12th to Fri, August 16th

A week long adventure at  Mantario Lake awaits you!   The area is home to trumpeter swans, loons, and bald eagles.  Our trip is geared to the novice birder, as well as tree aficianados and nature enthusiasts.  We will call across the lonely lake at night, dive deep in it's cool water and eat fish. We will also observe and learn about the birds and the trees.  Cam and Abe are looking forward to meeting you!

Making Music in the Wilderness Week

Event Date: 

Mon, August 19th to Fri, August 23rd

This week, we'll fill the air with music on Mantario Island and give the old cabin guitar a good workout. Bring your voices, a lightweight instrument of your choice (packed in a waterproof bag), and a song or two to share with everyone. Expect daily jam sessions along with day excursions and relaxing in the sauna. Christine is a classically-trained violinist with folk and bluegrass in her repertoire.

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