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Alan Beaven

Honorary Membership 1987

Dr. Beaven began his career in conservation in 1922 with Forest and Outdoors, a Canadian Forestry Association magazine. In 1925 he came to Western Canada to conduct a tree planting campaign sponsored by the Canadian Forestry Association. An important feature was a “tree planting” railway car which was taken to communities across Western Canada. For 20 years Dr. Beaven travelled with this car, teaching conservation classes and demonstrating tree planting methods. The program’s main thrust was to encourage the planting of trees for farmstead and field shelter belts.

In 1945, he became manager of the Canadian Forestry Association’s Prairie division. When the provincial Association became autonomous in 1971, Dr. Beaven became executive director and vice-president of the Manitoba association. Dr. Beaven established what is now the Sandilands Forest Centre. He also participated in the planning and opening of the Interlake Forest Centre in 1984