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Alison Elliott

Honorary Life Membership 1995

Alison Elliott is awarded an Honorary Life Membership in the Manitoba Naturalists Society for her long and distinguished service to the Society and her leadership in promoting the Society’s objectives. Alison became a member of the Parks Committee soon after joining the MNS in 1979 and has served both as a member and chairperson of the Parks Committee since that time except for a two-year stint at the Red Cross during the Sudan famine. Alison served two terms as Society secretary (1982-83) and was Society president in the year 1992.

Alison’s most notable service was as founder of the Wilderness Caucus in 1990, which she chaired until 1994, and coordinator of the World Wildlife Fund’s Endangered Spaces Campaign during the same period. As a result of her remarkable interpersonal skills, organizational talent and boundless energy, the Endangered Spaces has received nearly universal support across Manitoba.