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Spurge Purge

Sunday June 19
Spurge Purge and Plant Walk - Join the Habitat Committee on their annual mission to count and pull out leafy spurge in study plots on one of our prairies. The plan is to meet at 9 a.m.

The Ecology of Wildfires

by: Lynsay Perkins

More than fifteen years ago a bear started a wildfire in Alberta. His accomplice? Human activity. It was a very rare and strange case where a bear climbed a hydro pole, and while tampering with the power lines caused enough sparks to create a forest fire. Of course most wildfires aren’t caused by curious bears, but this incident illustrates the point that we can’t always jump to conclusions about how humans impact the natural world.

Voting Green

Zabrina Yaremko has a B.Sc. In Environmental Studies and is passionate about nature and protecting it. Here is her critique of the 2016 Provincial Party's environmental platforms.

In Honour of the Tamarack

Green needles in spring / Softly adorn my branches / Blazing gold in fall / A last show before winter

I am Tamarack. The Algonquian people gave me this name which means "wood used for snowshoes". Others used the name hackmatack. Larch is another one of my names and you might know me as Eastern, Alaskan, American, Black or Red Larch.