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Bishop Omer Robidoux

Honorary Membership 1985

Bishop Omer Robidoux has just stepped down from the Churchill Northern Studies Centre Board and Chairmanship after serving on the board since its inception in 1976.

Without his never ending input, which constantly went beyond the call of duty, there would be no Studies Centre still in existence today. The Bishop’s work did not stop or start only at the meetings. He has indeed put his back into (and out of) the workload, and there never was a job too big or too small for him to tackle, particularly in times of financial restraint. Without his work and provision of an office for 1984, there would not have been a non-credit and credit course program this year. Some of these courses were taught by Manitoba Naturalists Society members – Karen Johnson and Rudolf Koes.

Bishop Robidoux was born in St. Pierre Jolys, Manitoba in 1913. Since his ordination to the priesthood, he has worked in primarily rural areas until 1965. From 1965-1970 he was involved in mission work primarily with adult education programs.