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Cabin Photo Gallery

View photos in the slideshow above (click to expand), or scroll the photos below. Photos all by Brian Hydesmith (unless otherwise noted).

The cabin sits on this small island in Mantario Lake.

View of the cabin and sauna from the lake.

Mantario Wilderness Cabin in the winter.

View of the cabin as you walk up the path.

Tables set up for a large group in the main cabin space.

Main cabin dining and living areas.

View of the kitchen and main living/dining areas.

The fully stocked kitchen at Mantario Cabin.

Backcountry baking is possible here!

The small living space is great for reading and relaxing.

One of the wooden bunks (cabin sleeps 16).

A warm place to enjoy the view in the winter.

View of Mantario Lake from the cabin deck.

View of the sauna from behind with clothes strung up to dry.

View of the dock looking out onto Mantario Lake.

The wood-fired sauna at Mantario Wilderness Cabin.

Firewood stacked next to the sauna.

View from the sauna deck.

The sauna and Mantario Lake in the moonlight.

The cabin sits under a starry winter sky (photo by Stephen Paterson).


Mantario Photo Gallery

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