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Carolyn Curtis

Service Award recipient 1996

In recognition of her efforts during the past five years in coordinating the “Manual of Birds for Manitoba” project; writing articles for The Bulletin indicating the plight of neotropical birds as well as other articles on birds, Carolyn Curtis has been awarded a Service Award.

Since she joined the MNS in 1992, Carolyn has worked tirelessly assisting in the writing of species accounts for the forthcoming manual of birds. She has spent hundreds of hours serving concurrently as a writer, editor, co-coordinator and typist in this project. Between regular meetings of the Manitoba Avian Research Committee (MARC), Carolyn typed up changes to manuscripts made by the other editors in the interim; produced copies for the members and, in the absence of the Chair, has served in that capacity. Her many articles in The Bulletin are thorough in their erudition and reflect a scholarly level surpassing the quality of many professional writers.

Carolyn has led MNS bird outings at the Fort Whyte Nature Centre as well as those for the MNS. She also participated in MARC’s Neotropical Bird Group assisting in rating all Manitoba’s birds in order of rarity for the Conservation Data Centre.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Carolyn, the single mother of two small children, still managed to hold down two jobs during 1995.

The MNS is pleased to present Carolyn with this Service Award.