People passionate about nature

Dianne Kunec

Honorary Life Membership 1998

If one were to review Diane’s activities in the MNS without having met her, one might expect her to be an elder member with graying hair. She joined the Society in 1976 as a university student and has been heavily involved in MNS activities ever since. She has been a member of the Board, an active member of the Habitat and Urban Environment Committees, as well as many other impromptu groups, gathered to accomplish short term goals. She was part of a group, for example, that invented the New Member’s Night, and took part in the creation of other programs we take for granted today.

Diane has a degree from the Natural Resources Institute at the Universoty of Manitoba. Her education has provided her with the professional qualifications to tackle complex environmental issues. She has a wealth of experience upon which to base her decisions, having worked on projects in places such as Riding Mountain National Park, CFB Shilo and river bottom forests in southern Manitoba. Diane is a keen field naturalist. She is well organized, and her boundless enthusiasm makes it a pleasure to work with her. She has penned articles for the Bulletin, applied for grants, held workshops, led excursions and written reports. Dian plays a continuing role in the impressive accomplishments of the Habitat Committee, including the establishment of the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve at Tolsoi.

Diane is currently involved with the Natural Areas Inventory for the City of Winnipeg. This spring the inventory will be available to the public on our MNS web site, the development of which was largely in the hands of the indefatigable Diane. This initiative will bring Manitoba nature right into the houses of anyone who logs on.

Along with her energy and professional skills, Diane brings a profound commitment to the Society. She never fails to consider what effect her actions will have on the Naturalists Society as a whole. Above all else, it is her commitment to the Society which makes her a deserving recipient of the Manitoba Naturalists Honorary Life Membership.