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Doris Ames

Ralph Bird Award Recipient 2016

Nature Manitoba is pleased to present the Ralph Bird Award to Doris Ames, who for many years has been the driving force behind one of our sister organizations, Native Orchid Conservation Inc (NOCI). She has worked on many botanical surveys in various areas of the province and helped nominate important areas of habitat for Ecological Reserve status, including the Brokenhead Wetlands, Woodridge, Cedar Bog, and the Lewis Bog expansion. She has played a key role in the Brokenhead Wetlands Trail project and continues to serve on the Board of Debwendon, a non-profit formed in 2007 to promote and preserve the Brokenhead Wetland Ecological Reserve and raise awareness of the cultural connection between the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation and this critical habitat. Doris’s vision, energy and leadership has carried NOCI to its many successes and laid a strong foundation for them to continue their work. Manitoba’s orchids and other rare plants and their fragile habitats have been the beneficiary.