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Eva Linklater

Honorary Membership 1998

Born in Nelson House, Manitoba, Eva Linklater is a member of the Nelson House Cree Band. Her youth was spent trapping and fishing with her father and other family members. Eva received her B.A. from the University of Brandon and an M.A. in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University. She now lives in Gabriola Island and is continuing her studies in B.C. She has been working on preserving the oral tradition of Manitoba’s Cree Nation.

Through her work, she has drawn our attention to the need to take serious account of the impact large-scale resource development can have on Aboriginal cultures. When enormous areas of our province are flooded, when we allocate logging right and build roads, yards, etc., even when we set aside land for parks or to meet the objectives of the endangered species programme, we must remain aware of the significance of the places we disturb in the threads of Aboriginal history in this province.