People passionate about nature

Jackie Krindle

Honorary Life Membership 1992

Jackie Krindle has been an active member of the MNS since 1982. She joined the board in 1983, and chaired the Workshops Committee for two years. When the MNS Office Coordinator resigned in 1985 Jackie took on the role of this part-time paid position, which she held until this year when she left to pursue a career in botanical consulting. Botany has always been one of her loves, and she shared her knowledge and enthusiasm for this subject during workshops and outings she has led.

Jackie’s duties involved virtually all aspects of MNS operations and her title was changed to Executive Director to more appropriately describe her role. She has kept many Executive and Board members on the right track through her years in this position and has always brought the office and administration expenses in under budget, to the delight of the many treasurers she has worked with. She has been involved in many special projects including fundraising, public presentations about the MNS, cooperative initiatives with many other non-profit organizations and has been the MNS representative on committees and groups including the Oak Hammock Working Group, Heritage Marsh Advisory Committee and the Recreation Associations of Manitoba. She has provided liaison with government agencies and ministries and has kept the MNS in close contact with the Museum of Man and Nature.

During her time in office Jackie was instrumental in the expansion of the office and its duties. She was always ready to respond to inquiries from members, the public, the media and the government. IN recent years the MNS has become involved in numerous cooperative ventures with other groups and professionals and Jackie coordinated many of these while keeping the best interests of the MNS in mind. Jackie was very successful in recruiting volunteers for the office, whether it was to stuff envelopes or to clean the floor.

When asked what she enjoyed most about her time with the MNS, she responded that one of her most favourite activities was responding to questions posed by the public about the natural world. She will remember her last call fondly: someone had asked her where they could obtain “owl pellets” and with her usual style she directed the caller to several likely sources where such a commodity could be obtained.