People passionate about nature

Lesly Andrews

Service Award recipient 1997

Lesly has been a member of the MNS since may of 1988 and since then has been involved with outdoor activities. Lesly enjoys canoeing, hiking, skiing, and is a frequent participant in the Tuesday night cycles. Soon after she joined, she became involved with the Mantario Committee, going on several of the spring work parties and arranging the wind-up social events for the summer program participants.

Lesly is also extremely committed to the Jack Rabbit Ski Program and is one of the certified instructors. You will have seen Lesly working hard at many of our garage sales. She is active with the province’s environmental community and is a member of the CPAWS Board.

Trips with Lesly are a pleasure, whether it’s a rugged 2-week canoe trip or a walk in the park. She is inquisitive and eager to learn all that natural history has to offer. She will always lend a hand at shouldering a pack or wrongfully identifying a bird.