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Mamie McCowan

Honorary Life Membership 1988

Miss McCowan is known for her dedicated and well-documented observations, particularly in the fields of bird and plant life. In 1964 she was a founding member of the Brandon Natural History Society. She has also been a member of the Friends of the Bluebird Society, recently undertaking all the recording for the group. Currently Miss McCowan is doing research for the book Birds of Southwest Manitoba, making use of her records of her plant and animal sightings between 1960-87.

As naturalists, we are grateful for her meticulous records. They contain detailed information on weather, wind, habitat, number of birds and plants sighted and other pertinent observations. Her research was invaluable in setting up our Manitoba Naturalists Society White Lady Slipper project, which we hope will save this beautiful flower from extinction. Not only has her work helped in scientific research, it has furthered an interest in natural science for many would-be naturalists.