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Astronomy Week

Fri, August 10th to Wed, August 15th
Heather Matheson

Enjoy some of the darkest nighttime skies in southern Manitoba from the idyllic setting of the Mantario Wilderness Zone.  With a New Moon on Saturday and the peak of the Perseid Meteor shower predicted for Sunday, we're beginning our trip on Friday in order to enjoy the darkest sky possible and give ourselves the best chance to view numerous meteors.  At night we'll learn to navigate the stars, be amazed at the majesty of the Milky Way, and view the wonders of the Universe through a telescope.

Astronomy week isn't only for die-hard astronomers - all are welcome!  Stay out as late as you like or head to bed early and get up with the Sun.  During the day we'll travel by canoe and on foot, exploring the area as far and wide or as close to home as participants desire.  Possibilities include hiking part of the Mantario Trail, an evening paddle to Sunset Hill, fishing, wildlife viewing, blueberry picking, and longer day trips to nearby lakes.