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Want to dig deep into the wonders of nature under the guidance of an expert? Then Nature Manitoba workshops are for you! Exciting indoor workshops throughout the winter & spring seasons, on topics ranging from birds & gardening, to toads & mushrooms.

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Contact the Nature Manitoba office at 204-943-9029 or

REGISTER EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. Class sizes are limited to 30. If you are unable to attend, please CANCEL by calling the office so others may benefit from the vacancy.

We ask for your understanding and suggest that you sign up for ONLY THREE WORKSHOPS. If you are interested in more than three workshops, you are welcome to call the office one week prior to any additional workshops. If there are any vacancies, you will be able to register.

FEE: Payment accepted at the door. Cash only, please. $5 for Nature Manitoba members, $10 for non-members (students: $3 for members, $5 for non-members). Workshops are open to children over 10, accompanied by a parent.

TIME: 7:30pm.

LOCATION: KELVIN HIGH SCHOOL (Room 31), Stafford Street at Academy Road. Parking at Kelvin is available in the lot behind the school, by the west entrance.

Workshop Co-ordinator: Julia Schoen

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Manitoba Shorebirds


Tue, April 11th


Christian Artuso, MB Program Manager, Bird Studies Canada & Chair of MB IBA Committee

Manitoba harbours a fine array of shorebirds, sometimes in spectacular concentrations, and they will soon start to return from warmer climes. Of the 41 species on the Manitoba list, 11 breed in southern Manitoba (including some more widespread species), 11 breed in northern Manitoba, 11 are passage migrants (do not breed in the province), 6 are rare, 1 extirpated and 1 probably extinct. Shorebirds are often considered difficult to identify, but with the help of this workshop, the task may become a bit easier.

Gardening with Native Plants


Tue, April 18th


Marilyn Latta, Nature Manitoba Weekend Botanist

Native plants in your garden can be a benefit to wildlife as well as being hardy and easy to maintain. Marilyn will show images of a variety of native species and discuss their use in different landscaping types and conditions. Special mention will be  made of plants that are bee, butterfly and hummingbird magnets.

Morels & Other Fungi


Tue, April 25th


Dr. David Punter, Retired Professor of Botany from the University of Manitoba

Morels are the mushrooms that appear in the spring while most other fungi can be found in late August and September. Participants in this workshop will begin learning to identify mushrooms in time for the morel season.