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Mrs. A.G. Lawrence

Honorary Life Member 1967

In 1967, the Natural History Society presented Mrs. A.G. Lawrence with an Honorary Life Membership, in recognition of her continually contributing presence and constant support throughout the entire lifespan of the Society.

Over all the years, "Selina", with her smiling Irish eyes and genuine interest in people, has made many friends in and for the Society. Her kindly disposition has extended the Society's inherent hospitality to many a newcomer, resulting in long-lasting membership and participation. In addition to her Social Convenerships and Member-At-Large services on the Executive, Mrs. Lawrence unstintingly fulfilled the role of helpmate to her husband, the late Alexander G. Lawrence, internationally-known ornithologist and naturalist, charter member and veritable fountion-head for the Society since its inception.

It would be impossible to assess the energy-input so freely given by Mrs. Lawrence over the Society's decades, but her Life Membership is a lasting symbol of our appreciation and affection.