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Mrs. Lillian Stokes

Honorary Life Member 1957

Lillian Stokes was an early member of the Natural History Society. Her interests lay in the fields of Conchology, Geology and Ethnology. She held office in these sections for many years. She presented a most complete collection of Manitoba freshwater shells to the Manitoba Museum. She was an energetic worker and with her husband, Percy, made many trips into the wilds. Leaky boats or mud roads never dampened her enthusiasm. She assisted in the excavation of the plesiosaur near Treherne and in the discovery of the Hilton Mound and the Indian Boulder Mosaic. In a large dig at Lockport, Lillian was the energetic leader of the team which uncovered many primitive artifacts which she carefully named, labeled and photographed before sending them to the National Museum. At that time the Manitoba Museum had not the funds for reconstruction or display.

Lillian was an untiring leader in the work of the Junior Museum, often taking groups on collecting expeditions. The oldsters, as well, found that a day with the Stokes, hunting on Larter's field for artifacts, then going on to Lockport and Garson, was a day never to be forgotten.