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A Swift Guide to Butterflies of North America

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Book Review by Deanna Dodgson

If you've ever thought that learning to identify butterflies and skippers was an insurmountable task,  Jeffrey Glassberg's “A Swift Guide to Butterflies of North America (Second Edition)” is here to help.  This fully-illustrated guide covers all the species of butterflies and skippers found in North America, north of Mexico, including Hawaii.  Rarely documented species are also included. 

Featuring thousands of photographs of butterflies and skippers in nature, this book dedicates one half to one full page or more to each species or subspecies (with the exception of rarities).  The pictures are of good quality, with up to ten provided per species, and includes at least one large-format photograph.  Similar species are grouped together, with individuals shown in similar poses for easy comparison.  Careful examination of wing patterns is essential to identification, and both the dorsal and ventral surfaces are illustrated for most species.  Pictures of females and variants are provided when needed. 

Important field marks are clearly indicated on the photos themselves, with arrows to guide you.  Along the sides of the pages, you will find notes on host plants, habitats frequented, abundance, number of broods and flight periods.  Unfortunately, the range maps do not always reflect actual species' distribution in northern areas, including Manitoba. 

At 420 pages, the book might be too thick to fit in a standard pocket, but can be carried in a backpack for quick access when out in the field. 

A Swift Guide to Butterflies of North America (Second Edition)” admirably fills the role of an identification guide, and will prove a useful resource for amateurs and long-time enthusiasts for years to come.


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