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Outdoor Activities

Nature Manitoba conducts a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year. Our activities include canoeing, hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, camping, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor recreational pursuits. All Outdoor Activities are free for members, with the exception of any cabin/park fees if applicable, and the Grey Hares group is listed separately. Non-members may attend a trip or two at no cost, in order explore the option of membership. Before registering for a trip please review the safety requirements and the difficulty rating using the following Trip Rating Guidelines.

If you are a member, please contact the trip leader directly with any questions, as listed below, otherwise please contact our office.

Nature Manitoba Outings

Shoal Lakes/St. Ambroise/Delta

September 21, 2019
Bird Outings / NOVICE

Join Garry Budyk and Rudolf Koes on this day-long outing looking for waterfowl, egrets, raptors, gulls and terns, shorebirds and warblers and more. At this time of year anything is possible.

Contact / Registration: 

Contact Garry at 204-667-1062 for information or to register.

Hiking Mantario Trail September 28 to October 1

September 28, 2019 to October 1, 2019
General Trips / ADVANCED

Hiking Mantario September 28 to October 1
A 4-day, 3-night backpacking adventure on the rugged Canadian shield.  Lesly and I are planning to hike and invite others to join us.  Hikers must be self-supported and experienced. The purpose of the hiking group is safety in numbers and role of leader is to arrange carpooling.                                                                

Contact / Registration: 

Email Denise Levesque asap (preferred) or call 204-889-2297. 

Elma/Seven Sisters

October 19, 2019
Bird Outings / NOVICE

Peter Taylor and Garry Budyk will lead this outing, which was highly successful in recent years, with sightings of numerous Bald Eagles, two Golden Eagles, Sandhill Cranes and more. Scoters are possible. 

Contact / Registration: 

Contact Garry Budyk at 204-667-1062 for carpool information for Winnipeg participants, or Peter at 1-204-753-2977 for additional details.

Walk Into A Tree

October 30, 2019
Grey Hares / NOVICE

Walk Into A Tree. Casual 5 to 7 km round-trip walk/hike along the Red River through giant cottonwoods in Kildonan Park and Rivergrove. We will visit a tree you can walk into without bouncing off of and that is one of the few living things you can hug from the inside.

Contact / Registration: 

Register by October 28 with Donna Kurt at

Lake Winnipeg Beaches

November 9, 2019
Bird Outings / NOVICE

Late fall is a good time to look for lingering waterfowl, raptors and gulls along the beaches of S.E. Lake Winnipeg. Winter passerines, such as Snow Buntings and redpolls, should also be present.

Contact / Registration: 

Contact Rudolf Koes at 204-661-0763 for information or to register.

Winnipeg River Outing

December 7, 2019
Bird Outings / NOVICE

This is your chance to get a start on your winter list. We hope to see lingering waterfowl, such as Long-tailed Duck and Harlequin Duck, or rare gulls.

Contact / Registration: 

Call Peter Taylor at 1-204-753-2977 for details or to register.

Christmas Bird Count

December 15, 2019
Bird Outings / NOVICE

This is a great opportunity to see some wintering birds in the city. Join tens of thousands of other birders across North America in this event and help contribute to our knowledge of winter bird distribution. A potluck dinner and compiling session will be held afterwards; details about venue to follow.

Contact / Registration: 

Please contact Rudolf Koes well before the count date, at 204-661-0763 for details or to register.