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Richard Madson

Honorary Membership 1982

For the past 13 years Richard Madson has, as much as any one individual could, led the fight to stop the Garrison Diversion – a one billion dollar US proposal to irrigate 250,000 acres of farmland in North and South Dakota, which would have disastrous environmental effects on Manitoba. The most persistent critic of Garrison, he became directly involved in 1972 as Chairman of the Committee to Save North Dakota and played a key role in a 1977 Audubon lawsuit that stalled the project pending Congressional and court action. He has lectured, travelled, written and fought for the cause across the United States and Canada, building an especially effective grass-roots opposition in North Dakota. Because of his dedication to the cause of environmental preservation and great service to Manitoba and therefore to the Manitoba Naturalists Society on this issue, the Awards Committee makes him an Honorary Member of the Society.