People passionate about nature

Robert Taylor

Honorary Life Membership 1985

This Honorary Life Membership is presented to one who has been an extremely active member since 1971. Since 1973, he has supplied mounted colour photos or appropriate subjects at no cost to the Society, for gifts to guest speakers at Indoor Programs and on other occasions. He has provided the Manitoba Wildlife Branch and Dr. Nero with free photos of raptors for educational purposes for more than 10 years.

He has extended to others his enthusiasm for natural history and his knowledge of wildlife photography through photography courses, exhibits and workshops, and the production of film trips and motion picture films. He has worked solely, or in collaboration with others, in the production of exceptional works involving his photographs such as books and magazine articles.

His photographs have appeared in more than a dozen one-man exhibitions and in numerous others. In 1978 he was named to the Royal Academy of Arts, one of the few photographers to be so honoured.