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Val Werrier

Prairie Crocus Award   recipient 1998

In recognition of his contribution to the preservation of nature in Manitoba, the MNS is pleased to present Val Werier with the Prairie Crocus Award.

Val has been a journalist with the Winnipeg Free Press for many years, and through his columns has championed the protection of nearly every provincial and city park in Manitoba. From Atikaki to Assesippi to Riding Mountain and the Whiteshell, his columns have urged the protection of parks and the preservation of their natural character. He took an even more active role in the fight to save Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park from logging by participating in a public debate with government on the issue. His presence on the podium was a significant factor in saving the park from chainsaws.

Val has a long and distinguished history of service to the cause of conservation and preservation of nature. In 1980, he served as a member of a task force appointed by the provincial government to promote the preservation of heritage and cultural institutions. From 1984-86, he served as Manitoba’s Director of the National Parks Centennial Citizen’s Committee that organized citizen support for Canada’s national park centennial. From 1982-88, he served as a member of the Public Advisory Council of the Canada-Manitoba Agreement for Recreation and Conservation (ARC). ARC was responsible for much of the preservation of natural and cultural heritage features along the Red River between Selkirk and Winnipeg’s southern city limits.

Over the years, many honours have been bestowed upon Val for his dedication to the preservation of natural heritage, including the Manitoba Naturlalists Society’s Honorary Membership in 1984. Like the MNS, Val Werier is “a strong, clear voice for nature”.