People passionate about nature

William Walley

Honorary Membership 1986

The Parkland region of Manitoba takes in the Duck Mountains, Riding Mountain National Park, Dauphin Lake, farmland and remnants of the aspen grove vegetation that used to cover a large portion of the region. Wildlife is relatively plentiful and varied.

The one person who is a reliable source of information on birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, plants, bogs, swamps and the complex interactions of all living things in this area, is Bill Walley.

When the town of Dauphin has a crow problem they call Bill Walley. |When someone finds an owl that is hurt they call Bill Walley. He gets called about hard to identify species, and about organizing a snowshoe trip in Riding Mountain in winter, or a canoe trip in summer. He will take all who are interested in birding trips during migration, or elk calling in September.

He organizes the Christmas Bird Count, compiles the results and reports the sightings in the local paper. He chairs the monthly meetings of the Intermountain Naturalists and arranges speakers or other activities. He moderates the sometimes divergent views on contentious issues. He has an excellent collection of slides and is always prepared to show them to an interested group. He teaches biology in our local high school and motivates students to take a keen interest in our environment. He speaks up for habitat preservation. He never avoids an issue of ecological importance. He is invariably the voice of reason and pragmatism.

Lately, he has started feeding winter birds. He fills the feeder at 7am. When he comes home after dark the feeder is empty but Bill is not sure which birds have eaten it. He has very little spare time. But the surprising thing about the man is that he always finds a moment for a newly interested naturalist, and takes the time to answer any reasonable inquiry.