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Angelina Di Santo

Service Award recipient 1993

Angelina is a long-time member that has been involved with many Society activities. Specifically, her devotion to the Mantario Summer Program and to the Mantario Committee makes her deserving of a Service Award. Together with Leslie Kirby, she worked to coordinate the Summer program for the last 3 years. Together they have had 3 extremely successful seasons coordinating efforts involving publicity, hiring leaders, coordinating specialty leaders, coordinating supplies, and food and menus for the summers. With this, they have created a system of organization that has certainly contributed to the current success of the program.

Angelina has been a member since September, 1982. In addition to Mantario, she has been involved with the MNS Cookbook Committee, and has led and participated in outdoor trips/outings. She has organized the Baseball Barbecue, helped at the MNS garage sales, the AGM, Indoor Programs, and continues to be a contributing member of the Society.