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Skiing in a Wonderland: Winter Ecology

Rime frost (as in this photo) forms under heavy fog conditions (the previous night), causing the supercooled water droplets to freeze on contact with thin objects. Similar-looking hoar frost develops as water molecules undergo direct sublimation on objects, without foggy air. Calm air permits the formation of beautiful crystal formations, which eventually shower to the ground and evaporate .(R. Wrigley)

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The Newsletter Committee supports the production of the Nature Manitoba Newsletter. We are looking for volunteers for this committee who are interested in the opportunity to learn and be creative! 

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Wanted: Membership Volunteers

Membership management activities are fundamental to a healthy and active organization. Nature Manitoba is looking for volunteers who are interested in contributing to one or more membership activities. This volunteer opportunity can be done remotely. Absences due to travel can be accommodated with no volunteering in July and August.

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