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Love Letter to Nature Manitoba

by: Diane Kunec

When I was at university studying botany and physical geography in my early twenties I was introduced to Nature Manitoba (then the Manitoba Naturalists Society or MNS) by member Kelvin Kroeger. It was 1976, and we were about to start a summer job promoting the establishment of Atikaki as a wilderness park. At the time I had no idea where my membership in the MNS would lead, and how those I met would impact my life.

Grey Hares Virtual Scrapbook

In honour of Nature Manitoba's 100th Anniversary in 2020, members of our Grey Hares group have been asked to submit some of their fondest memories from their years as a member. Nature Manitoba is pleased to share these memories, along with a little history of this group. Enjoy!

Grey Hares Origins

Submitted by John Gray & Francy Wheadon with input from Elfrida Penner

The Grey Hares was started in the 1980’s by 4 members of Nature Manitoba (then called the Manitoba Naturalists Society).

The Feast in the Forest Photo Gallery

The “Feast in the Forest” was an annual Nature Manitoba event held in the 1970s (then called the Manitoba Naturalists Society). 

Photo Gallery of the first two Feast in the Forest events at the bottom of the page. JUMP TO GALLERY

The following article was prepared by Allison Lafortune and was originally published in Nature Manitoba’s second history booklet, Manitoba Naturalists Society Volume 2 (1942-1975), written in 1977.

A History of Manitoba Nature Magazine

By: Robert E. Wrigley

Long-standing Nature Manitoba members will recall a receiving a magazine called Manitoba Nature as part of their annual membership dues. Each quarterly issue featured about a half-dozen articles on a wide variety of topics dealing with the natural world in our province, written mainly by NM members and staff of the Manitoba Museum, the three local universities, and Manitoba Conservation.

100 Years of NM's Indoor Program

By Sandy HayGlass (with lots of help from Donna Danyluk, Randy Mooi and Julia Schoen)

Indoor educational programs have been an integral part of Nature Manitoba’s activities for 100 years! Nature education goes hand in hand with outdoor activities, and these programs offer a warm, indoor nature experience during the cooler months of the year.

History of the Victoria Beach Cabin

by Don Himbeault

The history of the Victoria Beach Cabin goes back to 1903 - just a few years after Nature Manitoba was formed (then called the Natural History Society of Manitoba). One of the first initiatives of the Natural History Society was to create a club house and collecting station. This would serve as a headquarters for surveying and scientific studies of natural history.

NM Receives Winnipeg Foundation Grant

Nature Manitoba would like to thank the Winnipeg Foundation for providing our organization with a Stabilization Grant. This grant is intended to support our organization through financial loss due to COVID-19. 

The Winnipeg Foundation connects donors from all walks of life with local charitable organizations that help our city flourish, for all. The Foundation is an endowment-based organization which means gifts received are pooled and invested. The income generated provides a stable source of support for our community For Good. Forever.