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Welcome Bee City Brandon

Nature Manitoba is pleased to welcome Bee City Brandon to Nature Manitoba! Bee City Brandon has joined NM as a sub-committee and will become one of our Partner Programs. We look forward to working with Bee City Brandon to work toward supporting pollinators in Manitoba! Please see more about Bee City Brandon below. 

Bee City Brandon is a member of Bee City Canada, and is a committee of volunteers dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting pollinators.

Early Season Dragonflies

by Larry de March

Sometime around 2004 or 2005 Marjorie Hughes and Doug Collicutt gave a talk on dragonflies at a Nature Manitoba evening meeting.  I’d always been aware of them but my main interest was birds.  I kept dragonflies at the back of my mind until I retired and started chasing them with my camera.

Thanks To Francy

by Julia Shoen

Above: Francy Wheadon (photo courtesy of June Thomson)

Francy Wheadon stepped into the role of Communication Co-ordinator for the Grey Hares’ activities eight years ago – and the Grey Hares are so glad she did.

iNaturalist App Helping Scientists and Nature-lovers

by Chris Friesen

It will likely come as no surprise to you that naturalists like to keep track of what they see in their wanderings. Many birders keep a ‘life list’ - a list of all the bird species they’ve ever seen, and there’s often friendly competition among birders to see who has the longer list. In fact, I’m guessing that many birders also keep lists of the birds they observe each year, or in Manitoba, or perhaps even in their yard.

2021 AGM Notice

Save the date for our virtual AGM via Zoom on Monday, March 22nd, 2021. Below is more information on how to attend, our annual reports, AGM agenda, slate of nominees, proposed amendments to bylaws, and call for nominations and resolutions.


How to Attend our Virtual AGM

Lichens: Nature's Enigmatic Symbionts

By Dr. Diana Bizecki Robson

Scientists have spent many decades arguing with each other about lichens.  It’s a plant! No, it’s a fungus! No, it’s a fungus parasitizing an alga. No, it’s an alga parasitizing a fungus! Nobody’s parasitizing anybody; they’re living in harmony like a bunch of hippies in a commune! For a long time, no one understood what lichens truly were, and honestly I’m still not sure we do. 

Visit Manitoba 50 Years Ago

For some it was a lifetime ago, for others it was before your time. Either way you are sure to enjoy this virtual trip across Manitoba (and some of Ontario!).

Former Nature Manitoba president, John Jack, and his wife, Ella, were avid naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts. They led many trips and educational programs for Nature Manitoba, and took many folks out on their own time as well.