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2019 Annual General Meeting



18 MARCH 2019  7:00 pm

Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre (340 Provencher Blvd) on the second floor (Salle Antoine-Gaborieau)




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Finding Animal Tracks

Finding ways to get outside and connect with nature in the wintertime can be a challenge, but learning to identify animal tracks in the snow can be lots of fun and a really great way to learn about the wildlife in your neighbourhood! We chatted with Paula Grieef from Oak Hammock Marsh to learn how to get started. 


NM: If someone wanted to go out looking for animal tracks how/where would you recommend they start?

Shop for the Holidays & Help the Environment

Buying gifts can be stressful at this time of year, especially when you're concerned about your impact on the planet. Nature Manitoba has some of our most popular books in stock, and part of the proceeds from all sales go directly to support our work! You can give a great gift that encourages people to get outside and explore, AND help protect some of our province's most vulnerable habitat and wildlife! It's a win-win. 

Seeking Diversity in Citizen Science

Collecting data on birds can be difficult work. You have to know where to find birds, you have to know what time of year and day to find birds, you have to be able to identify birds, and you need to have knowledge of which birds are significant to an area or threatened. Not to mention the early starts, the long hours, and often remote locations. Manitoba avian researchers and local birding volunteers do all this, and also travel many kilometers every year to collect data. Still, there is a significant gap in what they are able to report.

Prairie Conservation & Endangered Species Conference

Nature Manitoba has a long history of protecting Manitoba's endangered prairie landscapes and the species that rely on these spaces. That's why we are proud to be supporting the 2019 Prairie Conservation & Endangered Species Conference through our Habitat Fund. NM board member, Christian Artuso, and NM bird program coordinator, Tim Poole, have also been hard at work serving on the committees putting this event on. 

Citizen Science for Lake Winnipeg

The health of Lake Winnipeg and its surrounding ecosystem is an important issue for many Manitobans, and a relatively new project gives local people and schools the chance to make a difference. The Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network (LWCBMN) launched in 2016, and is getting valuable information into the hands of the Lake Winnipeg Foundation (LWF). To find out more about the program, we spoke with Chelsea Lobson, LWF's CBM Co-ordinator about what LWF has learned and how they want to see the program grow. 

Garden Tour 2018 a Success!

Nature Manitoba would like to say a great big thank you to all those who attended our fundraising tour, and an extra big thanks to all our volunteers and our the gardeners who make this happen! Our 2018 tour/plant sale was a huge success and we are excited to get working on next year's tour! Below are some of the photos and comments people were kind enough to let us share.