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A Snapshot of Butterflies in Southeast Manitoba - Part 4

by Peter Taylor

Part 4: Fritillaries (Speyeria, Boloria, Euptoieta)

Atlantis Fritillary (1347 reported)
Northwestern Fritillary (2 reported)
Great Spangled Fritillary (634 reported)
Aphrodite Fritillary (500 reported)
Meadow Fritillary (443 reported)
Silver-bordered Fritillary (242 reported)
Arctic [Purple] Fritillary (245 reported)
Frigga Fritillary (2 reported)
Freija Fritillary (13 reported)
Bog Fritillary (1 reported)
Variegated Fritillary (28 reported)

Nature Manitoba’s History of Birding


Bird studies (observations, public presentations, and documentation) and bird-watching outings have both been major activities of Nature Manitoba and its members since NM was founded in 1920. Nature Manitoba (then called the Natural History Society) was originally formed when members from the Manitoba Historical Society and a Manitoba Audubon group decided to amalgamate. In fact, the newsletter we now know as Nature Manitoba News originated as a newsletter for NM’s “ornithological section” in 1962.

A Snapshot of Butterflies in Southeast Manitoba - Part 3

by Deanna Dodgson

Part 3: Lycaenidae (Gossamer-winged Butterflies)

Harvester (91 recorded)

Gray Copper (1 recorded)

Bronze Copper (30 recorded)

Bog Copper (1 recorded)

Dorcas Copper (120 recorded)

Purplish Copper (83 recorded)

Acadian Hairstreak (12 recorded)

Coral Hairstreak (46 recorded)

Edwards' Hairstreak (12 recorded)

Banded Hairstreak (31 recorded)

Striped Hairstreak (56 recorded)

Brown Elfin (102 recorded)

A Snapshot of Butterflies in Southeast Manitoba - Parts 1 & 2

By Richard Staniforth, Larry de March, Deanna Dodgson and Peter Taylor

Part 1 - Introduction

Five full field seasons have now passed in a five-year project to record butterfly species and numbers in southeast Manitoba. It started with records reported to the Yahoo discussion group Manitobanaturetalk, but later included sightings from group field trips and from individuals who contributed sightings directly to the authors.

Bannock Recipe

This recipe comes from our archives (Campfire Gourmet column) and was originally submitted by Maureen Recksiedler.


All the ingredients (except the water) can be mixed together before you leave.


4 cups of flour

2 tbsp baking powder

1/4 cup shortening

1 and 1/2 cups water


Mix dry ingredients. Rub in shortening. 

In camp, add water and knead.

100 Years of Conservation

Over the last century, Nature Manitoba has made several significant contributions to conserving Manitoba’s natural history. It would be nearly impossible to put together a comprehensive list of all the efforts made my NM members and committees over the last 100 years, and there are likely many stories and projects which haven’t been preserved in our written history or have been lost through the decades.