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Feed the Birds & get a Free Tree

Ornamental fruits are a great source of food for songbirds that winter in Manitoba, they provide bird habitat in the summer, and they also make beautiful additions to the garden! To help stop the decline of these birds Nature Manitoba wants to see more of these trees in yards across the city. The Nature Manitoba Bluebird Fund makes it easy and affordable.

Big news for the Brokenhead Wetland

There aren’t many places in Manitoba where you can see carnivorous plants, brilliant orchids, and medicinal Ojibwe plants all growing in the same location. The Brokenhead Wetland has all those things and more. That’s why for nearly a decade local non-profit organization, Debwendon, has been working to protect this ecosystem and to educate people about why it’s so important.

Spurge Purge

Sunday June 19
Spurge Purge and Plant Walk - Join the Habitat Committee on their annual mission to count and pull out leafy spurge in study plots on one of our prairies. The plan is to meet at 9 a.m.

The Ecology of Wildfires

by: Lynsay Perkins

More than fifteen years ago a bear started a wildfire in Alberta. His accomplice? Human activity. It was a very rare and strange case where a bear climbed a hydro pole, and while tampering with the power lines caused enough sparks to create a forest fire. Of course most wildfires aren’t caused by curious bears, but this incident illustrates the point that we can’t always jump to conclusions about how humans impact the natural world.