People passionate about nature

Award Nomination Information

If you would like to nominate someone for a Nature Manitoba award please review the award criteria below and send a paragraph descriibing why your nominee deserves the award by email to


  • amateur naturalist
  • can be a member or non-member
  • outstanding contributions to natural history conservation in Western Canada in two or more of the following areas:
  1. superior observation, recording or research accomplishments
  2. contributions to natural history or environmental literature
  3. rare species observation
  4. contributions to herbaria and/or collections
  5. environmental enhancement and the creation of new reserves, preserves or sanctuaries and maintenance of landscape diversity
  6. other natural history contributions within the spirit of in tent of this award, as deemed appropriate by selection committee
  • preference may be given to nominations relating to awards in Manitoba


  • for outstanding service in preserving a part of Manitoba in its natural state


  • non-member
  • in recognition of contributions to natural history in Manitoba
  • significant contribution to purposes which parallel Nature Manitoba objectives

HONORARY LIFE MEMBER - This award is no longer given out. 

ERNEST THOMPSON SETON MEDAL (Distinguished Naturalist Award) - Criteria:

  • distinguished naturalist
  • for work of particular merit in some aspect of Manitoba's natural history that has stimulated the interest of the public
  • life-long commitment
  • carefully recorded observations
  • shared acquired knowledge and stimulated the interest and participation of others


  • significant contributions to Nature Manitoba, outside the areas of natural history, in one or more of the following:
  1. long and faithful service on the Nature Manitoba Board or Committees
  2. exceptional organizational or leadership skills
  3. innovations in procedures, organization or publicity for Nature Manitoba
  4. leading, teaching or assisting with Nature Manitoba sponsored indoor & outdoor events
  5. recruitment activities
  6. office or administrative duties
  7. other Nature Manitoba related contributions within the spirit of the intent of this award, as deemed appropriate by the selection committee