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Trails Day Family Cycle

June 8, 2014
Spur of the Moment / NOVICE

Perhaps especially a family oriented event, however, all are welcome. I don't have family, as far as kids go, but my newphews and nieces are invited. Meet at 2:00 at the Headingley Grand Trunk trailhead at the Perimeter and Caron Rd. (Just off Roblin, first left after the Perimeter). We will then do a family friendly cycle to Wescana Street to be completed for 2:30 p.m.

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Cycle Rainbow Stage north along the Red

September 16, 2014
Spur of the Moment / 1.5

Distance: Under 20 km
Total ride time: 2-hours
Recommendations: Helmet & Head/bike light.
We will meet at Rainbow Stage parking lot around 5:30 pm, and
would make our leave at 6:00 pm North along the Red River.
This will likely be the last warm day this year and our second last ride of the year.

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Urban Hike Riverview to the Forks

January 31, 2015
Spur of the Moment / NOVICE

Join Jerry for a walk from his place (275 Balfour) to the Forks and back. The walk from Jerry's to the Forks is 4 km and on a secluded path that parallels the river for 90% of the walk. We'll have eats and relax at the Forks and then walk back to Jerry's house. Meet at 275 Balfour at 11 AM. 

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Two Cooks/One Night January 16, 2016 6 pm Cooks - Roger Sutherland and Karen Clements

January 16, 2016
Spur of the Moment / NOVICE

  Two Cooks/One Night  January 16, 2016 
6pm  Cooks - Roger Sutherland and Karen Clements  782 Tache Avenue (North of Provencher)  RSVP  204-451-1219  
Hors d'oeuvre
Kale chips
Bruschetta on Sleepy Owl baguette (unripen goat cheese, tomato slices, basil)
Sleepy Owl baguette (chopped greens with secret dressing)

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Canada Day Cycle

July 1, 2016
Spur of the Moment / NOVICE

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We will have a bicycle ride starting at Assiniboine Park to Headingly.  No registration required and all skill levels welcome.  We will meet at 10am at the Duck Pond in Assiniboine Park on July 1st.  If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact Al Louer at 204-235-1790 or