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David Braddell

Ernest Thompson Seton Medal recipient 1992

The 1992 recipient of this prestigious award is Mr. David Braddell of Reston, Manitoba.

David’s vocation was the teaching profession, following service in the Canadian Army from 1940-1945, but his avocation is the world of nature. In this regard, he has been observing and recording bird species, conducting Christmas Bird Counts, taking part in breeding bird surveys, maintaining blue bird lines and being an advocate for conservation and preservation of wildlife habitat.

In addition to his intense interest in wildlife, he has a keen interest in archeology and has donated valuable artifacts to the Museum of Man and Nature. He is also a member of SHARE (Southwestern Heritage Area Resources Exchange).
The Weston Museum owes its existence, in part, to Mr. Braddell and he was curator for sixteen years. The Reston library has also benefited from his donation of several hundred books.

In addition to these activities, Mr. Braddell has a weather recording station in his back yard and he keeps daily recordings of atmospheric data. In all these activities David’s wife, Irma, has been his constant and dedicated helper.

Although the Braddells were in attendance, and were introduced, at the Annual General Meeting on April 25, the actual presentation of the award will take place at an Indoor Program in early November. November 4th, 1992, marks the 100th anniversary of Seton’s appointment as Provincial Naturalist, and it was deemed most fitting to make the presentation at that time when the program will centre around the life and contributions of Ernest Thompson Seton, Manitoba’s foremost naturalist.