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Dianne Beaven

Service Award Recipient 2017

Presiden't Award Recipient 2012

From 2009 to 2015, Dianne Beaven was the “public face” of one of Nature Manitoba’s flagship programs, the Discovery Evenings. As a key member of the Indoor Programs Committee during this time, she was the main person involved in contacting our presenters and working with the staff at CCFM to ensure our programs went smoothly.

Because of her administrative and organizational expertise, communications from Dianne were always clear and complete, and her attention to detail enabled her to anticipate and fix any problems that might arise. Her friendly and cheerful manner was felt by all, from other committee members to presenters to our audiences. Dianne was also instrumental in helping to establish a procedures manual for the Discovery Evening program, an invaluable tool for future volunteers.

While she officially retired from the Indoor Programs Committee last year, she is continuing to serve Nature Manitoba this year through the Garden Tour Committee. For the past few years, Dianne has looked after ticket sales at our retail vendors – the garden centres and other outlets around the city that sell the majority of tickets for our tour. She has maintained excellent relations with these vendors, ensuring their continued interest in helping Nature Manitoba with this important fund-raiser.