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Coexisting With Coyotes


Pauline Bloom, Lead Wildlife Biologist - Central Wildlife, Fisheries & Resource Enforcement Branch


Monday, December 6, 2021

Start Time: 

7:30 pm


Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre, 340 Provencher Blvd on second floor - Salle Antoine-Gaborieau.


$5 for members (non-member rate $10)

Coyotes have an increasing presence in urban areas across North America, including here in Manitoba.  Coyotes have adapted to living amongst people and now people must learn how to coexist with coyotes. This talk helps to explain why people have conflicts with coyotes, what actions people can take to reduce the risk of conflicts with coyotes, and how to respond appropriately in a coyote encounter.

What you need to know if you plan to attend a Discovery Evening:

• Bring your proof of vaccination (QR code card or app). It’s required.

• Don’t come if you don’t feel well or have been told to isolate.

• You must wear your mask at all times inside the Franco Manitoban Cultural Centre.

• Please have your QR code and entry fee ready in advance. $5 members, $10 non-members.

• Come to the large room called Pauline-Boutal for lots of social distancing space.

Please note: the events begin at 7:30pm, but doors open at 7pm. We recommend arriving early due to the added time required to check QR codes.

About Pauline: She is the Lead Wildlife Biologist for the Central Service Area with the Wildlife, Fisheries and Resource Enforcement Branch. Pauline is responsible for all wildlife management programs for the service area. She works with wildlife of all shapes and sizes, including garter snakes, black bears, bison, and coyotes. She enjoys talking to people about wildlife and how to coexist with all of Manitoba’s wildlife.