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Frank Machovec

Ralph Bird Award Recipient 2018

President's Award Recipient 2009

President's Award Recipient 2007

If there's ever a volunteer needed to travel across southern Manitoba, watch a chimney for the evening while being eaten by mosquitoes, and getting back home in the middle of the night, there is always Frank to rely upon. Frank has searched for swifts in some of the more unusual places, from Clearwater to Vita, Zhoda to Powerview, and as long as there is a Tim Horton's en route, then Frank is content! It is not just his contribution to monitoring which sets Frank apart. Frank was around at the very start of MCSI and has been a strong presence ever since. Frank was employed for a period as coordinator of the Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative. When funding ran out, Frank continued to do this role in a voluntary capacity. Even now he still serves the initiative on the steering committee and as its webmaster. These roles are more involved than simply turning up to meetings and uploading occasional documents and news stories. Frank also spends much time improving and developing the website and supporting different aspects of the initiative. Although this award is for Frank, we cannot end this without thanking Jacquie Machovec, who has also spent many long evenings being eaten by mosquitoes in the name of Chimney Swift conservation. Frank is deserving of this recognition not just for his dedication and time given over to monitoring, but also for the diversity of activities which he has does, contributing to Chimney Swift conservation in Manitoba.