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Judy Lord

Judy LordIn March, 1978, Judy Lord joined the Society, and it took only four months for Phil Horch, then Bulletin editor, to realize and recognize that here was a person who, in spite of her short association with the organization, could capably take over the Editor’s job.

Judy is a person who, once committed, is totally committed. She exudes enthusiasm and optimism, and before long, everyone around her is so inspired. Many are the time we have sat at indoor programs and heard her plead her case on behalf of the Naturalists, and whatever that case may be, she invariably had a band of happy and eager workers.

Her great enthusiasm for the Society’s objectives, its people and activities, was very obvious and inspired others to become creatively involved in her projects.

She was Bulletin editor from July, 1978 to August, 1980, Communications Vice-President 1980-1983, and a Board member for most of those five years.

The high standards she set for the Bulletin and Society displays is still reflected today. As the Editor of Nature Canada, she has of course left the province. However, she continues to be a valuable member of the Society and a great ambassador of Manitoba.