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Getting to the Cabin

Distance & Location

Enjoy the beautiful changing landscapes of the Canadian Shield. Experience magestic rock formations, open lakes, pristine boreal forest, as well as spectacular views.

The Mantario Wilderness Cabin is located in the Mantario Wilderness Zone, where no motorized transportation is permitted. Typically the cabin is accessed via canoe when water is open, and by ski when the lakes are frozen.

This trip is a roughly 22km route (one-way) over often rugged terrain. Trips to the Mantario Wilderness Cabin are rated Advanced (view our trip rating guide here). A valid Provinical Park pass is required to park your vehicle at the trail head.

GPS Coordinates for Mantario Cabin: N 49 59’ 28”  W 095 09’ 32”

In the Spring, Summer & Fall

During the open-water seasons, the Mantario Wilderness Cabin is accessible by canoe. The trip requires 18km of paddling, with 6 portages ranging in length from 250m up to 2 km, for a total of 4km of portages. It requires paddling for up to 8 hours, with breaks. Strength to carry gear over rugged, sometimes flooded or muddy, portages and/or over steep climbs is necessary. 

A lightweight canoe is recommended.

In the Winter

During the winter months, the Mantario Wilderness Cabin is most often accessed by cross-country ski. Some visitors make the journey by snowshoe, and one trip has even been made by winter cycling! 

Be sure to dress for the weather, as travel on frozen lakes can become extremely cold.