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Mantario Cabin Policies

(Almost) everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

The Mantario Committee works hard to maintain the Wilderness Education Centre located on Lake Mantario in the Whiteshell Wilderness Zone. To ensure that this beautiful facility continues to be a legacy to future generations of nature lovers, the committee has had to establish some rules and policies over the years, given the increasing complexity of things that make the cabin unique – like the composting toilets and the Finnish Sauna. This list is not intended to scare away potential cabin users but to clarify use and operations to encourage more users.

  1. Approved trip leader list: If you would like to use the cabin but have never been there before, it is now a requirement that you first be familiar with how the cabin works. The best way to get a good introduction to the cabin is to go on a trip with an experienced cabin user or join a work party. Please contact the Nature Manitoba office to find out when the next trip is headed out and jump on board! Once you feel familiar with the cabin operations and can show you know what to do, your name will go on an Approved Leader list and you can lead your own groups to the cabin.
  2. Multiple groups can book the cabin to a maximum of 16 in the summer. The recommended maximum in the winter is 12, unless the first-booking group leader is OK with 16.
  3. Cabin fees are $20 per night for members, $15 for students, and $35 for non-Nature Manitoba members.
  4. Cabin duties: When there are multiple groups staying at the cabin, the first-booking group’s leader shall assign cabin duties - BUT most people chip in and help regardless, right?
  5. Dogs: are allowed at the discretion of the first-booking group’s leader. We ask dog owners to please be aware of allergies and the strenuous nature of the trip for the sake of your BFF (Best Furry Friend).
  6. Propane: Use of the propane stove (used for Summer Program) during the Winter season is allowed at the discretion of the first-booking group’s leader.
  7. Alcohol at the cabin is not generally allowed but individuals may bring small personal amounts; pack in and pack out the containers, NO glass. It is extremely foolish, not to mention illegal, to operate a boat – including a canoe – while inebriated.
  8. Nudity in the sauna: Let’s be frank about this – although the traditional way of using a sauna is in the all-together, not everyone is comfortable with that, especially in a public facility among strangers. Therefore, our policy is that it’s officially not allowed. We ask that those wishing to practice traditional sauna-use to be aware and respectful of the sensibilities of other cabin users.
  9. No smoking in the cabin or sauna. Please get your nic-fix on the airplane dock or rocky shoreline only, and pack out your butts.
  10. Use of cabin food: The supply of food at the cabin is for Summer Program use only, so regular cabin bookers can not use the food on the shelves. It’s a huge effort and expense to schlep all that stuff out there. However, cabin renters are welcome to have-at the left-overs on the “Free” food shelf and if you’re desperate, snitch some spices and cooking oil.

Please contact the Nature Manitoba office at 943-9029 or if you have any questions or concerns about these or other Mantario Cabin policies and procedures.