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Nature Manitoba Grants and Subsidies

Nature Manitoba has developed grants to fund projects and activities in Manitoba.

Nature Manitoba Native Habitat Grant

Native Tall Grass Prairie Habitat - Marilyn Latta

The Nature Manitoba Native Habitat Grant is available to individuals or organizations who are conserving, restoring or managing native habitat in Manitoba, or who are educating others about the value of maintaining Manitoba’s native habitats.

Nature Manitoba’s Habitat Conservation Committee has spearheaded development of the grant, as a way to recognize and support the work being done to conserve native habitat in Manitoba. This builds on the many years of work done by Nature Manitoba to identify and preserve native tall grass prairie.

Funding for the grant comes from the Paul Guyot Endowment Fund. While the fund originally was established to support the preservation and management of tall grass prairie, projects involving other critical Manitoba habitats will also be considered.

In 2023, six organizations and individuals received the grant for projects ranging from research on little brown bats and the re-establishment of burrowing owls, to the education of families at the tall grass prairie preserve and the preservation of sandhill prairie in Southwestern Manitoba.

The deadline to apply for the grant is January 31, 2024. Click on the link below to find out how to apply, what to include in an application, and who to contact for more information.

Nature Manitoba Native Habitat Grant details


Manitoba Bluebird Fund

Eastern Bluebird - Christian Artuso

Manitoba Bluebird Fund (MBF) was set up by Nature Manitoba with the goal of stopping the continuing decline in the number of songbirds in Manitoba, and to hopefully even see their numbers increase.

Manitoba Bluebird Fund details

There are 2 subsidy programs being offered this year: 

Manitoba Bluebird Fund Tree Subsidy Program

One of the activities of the fund is to offer a financial incentive to homeowners in order to encourage the planting of trees and/or shrubs on their property that will provide food and habitat for Manitoba songbirds.

Manitoba Bluebird Fund Tree subsidy Program details

Manitoba Bluebird Fund Window-Strike Prevention Materials Subsidy Program

This year the MBF Committee is pleased to announce an additional program that will subsidize the purchase by homeowners of window-strike prevention materials to address one of the well-known primary causes of significant songbird mortality every year. 

Manitoba Bluebird Fund Window-strike Prevention Materials Subsidy Program details