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Birding For Beginners Series 2019

The perfect way to learn to bird!

If you're interested in learning to bird but don't know where to start, or you've been out birding but lack confidence to identify birds on your own, our Birding for Beginners series is for you!

This series takes place every Wednesday for five weeks between May 1st and May 29th. You can attend as many weeks as you choose, and registration is not required. An experienced birder will meet you at a new park in Winnipeg each week and will help new birders look for and learn how to identify native and migratory birds in Manitoba!

Non-members are encouraged to attend one or two of our trips on a trial basis. If you plan to attend more of our great events we ask that you purchase a membership! Find out more about being a member of Nature Manitoba here.


May 1st - Birding for Beginners: Assiniboine Park

May 8th - Birding for Beginners: St. Vital Park

May 15th - Birding for Beginners: Bunns Creek

May 22nd - Birding for Beginners: Kings Park

May 29th - Birding for Beginners: La Barriere Park