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Mushroom Field Trip 2017

A photo gallery of fungal finds

Every year Nature Manitoba offers a mushroom identification workshop as part of our winter nature education program. Since the workshop takes place in the early spring, we offer an optional field trip in late summer/early fall to go out and get some practical experience identifiying mushrooms! 2017 workshop participant (and former NM staffer) ,Tommy Allen, was kind enough to share his photos and brief comments from the day. Our mushroom field guide, Donna Kurt, compiled a list of species found on the trip (see below photos or click here to jump to species list). 

Courtesy of Tommy Allen:

Thanks so much Donna for your volunteer guided tour! It was great to be out there exploring the dark, damp woods with such a fearless group.

The first photo shows the spread of mushrooms that I came home with. Unfortunately I ended up with a bunch that Donna probably should have had, as my bag was emptied in the trunk but then refilled at lunch with specimens to ID during lunch, then accidentally stayed in my bag when I came home. Donna still somehow came up with a great list for us.

I DID eat the 4.5 mushrooms in the second photo. The two experienced mushroom identifiers confirmed they were Enoki mushrooms." They were super tasty with garlic and butter, they had a great texture.


Species List:

Courtesy of Donna Kurt

Birds Hill Park  

Site 1 Bur Oak trail

Wood ear - Auricularia auricula-judae

Black knot - Apiosporina morbosa

small pinwheel mushrooms on leaf litter

many lichens on oaks

bracket fungus species TBD?

orange jelly fungus


Site 2 - South Drive Roadside East of Bur Oak road side walk, off-road shoulder, and bushwalk, 

Artists conk - Ganoderma applanatum (Pers. ex Wall.) Pat.

Wolf's milk slime - Lycogala epidendrum (L.) Fr. - orange nodules

Lemon drops - Bisporella citrina - small yellow balls on rotting wood

Violet toothed polypore - Trichaptum biforme (F. in K.) Ryv. - layered bracket fungus with purple on underside outer edge

Slippery Jack - Suillus luteus (otherwise very few Boletes)

Blackfooted poplyore, Bay-brown polypore - Polyporus badius

Oyster mushroom - Pleurotus ostreatus

Veiled oyster - Pleurotus dryinus

Mycena spp

LBMs (Little Brown Mushrooms) and some large brown mushrooms

Multicolored zoned bracket fungus - Polyporus versicolor - colorful zoned caps small bracket fungus overlapping clusters

Bracket fungus at base of trees - possibly Polyporus frondosus - overlapping clusters, grey to brown fleshy caps - bracket fungus 

Large fuzzy top russet colored gilled mushroom - Fuzztop, Scaly knight - Tricholoma vaccinum? photo below

Lacquered polypore - Ganoderma luciderm - although quite advanced in age

White bracket fungus with undulating white porous undersurface on maple, possibly - Oxyporus populinus

Pholiota sp


Site 3 - South drive 1-2 km north of East gate road intersection

Oyster mushroom - Pleurotus ostreatus

WIld enokitaki - Flammulina velutipes

Shimeji, Brown beech - Hypsizygus tessulatus

Dark brown bracket  fungus

Russula spp

Blue-stain fungus, Green-stain fungus - Chlorociboria aeruginascens - blue/green stained wood is used in Tunbridge ware

Large white mushroom

Thick stem, wavy edge large gilled white mushroom, possibly Leucopaxillus giganteus

Black witch's butter - Exidia glandulosa


Site 4 - Park maintenance site - lunch spot

Lobster mushroom - Hypomyces lactiflorum

Turkey tail - Trametes versicolor

Orange hydnellum - Hydnellum arantiacum

Horses hoof, Amadou - Fomes fomentaries


Site 5 Hazelnut trail meander

Tippler's Bane, Alcohol inky - Coprinus atramentarius (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo

Jelly mushroom - Tremmela spp.

Wolf's milk slime - Lycogala epidendrum (L.) Fr. - orange nodules

Tiny puffballs releasing white spores when pressed on fallen log - possibly Lasiosphaeria spermoides


Site 6 - Pine tree stand North Drive west of Stables road

Arched earthstar - Geastrum fornicatum (Huds.) Fr.


Belair Forest

Site 1

Honey mushroom - Armillaria mellea

Birch poiypore - Piptoporus betulinus (Fr.) Kar.

Orange jelly - Dacrymces palmatus (Schw.) Bres.

Lactarius spp, possibly L. pipperatus?

Other species I did not have time to record


Site 2

Pholiota sp, likely Flaming pholiota - P. flammans due to its brilliant golden-yellow colour and it was deep inside the remaining stump of I believe a fallen conifer although it could also be Scaly pholiota - P. squarrosa, Tommy has some better photos than me

Artists conk - Ganoderma applanatum

Other species I did not have the opportunity to record