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Volunteer with the Technology Committee Member

Wanted: Technology Committee Members

The Nature Manitoba technology committee is a working committee that is focused on leveraging technology to support efficient delivery of services and making sound decisions about investing in technology. We are currently looking for volunteers who are passionate about managing information, understanding business needs, or supporting programs with technology.

Status: Volunteer position

Position Purpose: To contribute to the use of technology within Nature Manitoba to enable Nature Manitoba events, programs, and activities for NM volunteers, members, and the public.

Meetings: The Technology Committee will meet virtually or in-person approximately four times per year.

Communication: Communication will be done via email and virtual meetings.

Time commitment: The time required for this position is flexible and can vary depending on how much involvement a volunteer would like to have. In general, the time commitment required is a minimum 10 to 20 hours per year to prepare and participate in the committee meetings.

Committee tasks (volunteers can work in one or more of the following areas):

  • Provide guidance to organization leadership on effective uses of new technology
  • Encouraging the use of technology among membership and facilitating conversations around technology best practices
  • Research and evaluate new technology solutions
  • Develop process documents or detailed work instructions working with staff and volunteers
  • Implement new or updated technology solutions
  • Maintaining existing systems with activities such as data management, account setup, and access permissions

What is fun about this position?

  • Opportunity to connect the use of technology with a passion for nature
  • Opportunity to utilize and showcase your skill set outside of your regular working environment
  • Opportunity to develop new skills in emerging technologies, business analyst or project management
  • Opportunity to meet other volunteers who are passionate about nature
  • Opportunity to expand your technical and organizational skills

Skills and experience:

  • Ability to listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with people individually and in a group
  • Possess sensitivity to and tolerance of differing views, a friendly, responsive and patient approach, community-building skills, personal integrity, a developed sense of values and a sense of humour.
  • Willing to prepare for and attend committee meetings, ask questions, take responsibility and follow through on a given commitment.
  • Experience in one or more of: user account and permission management, systems analysis and implementation, business analysis, project management


  • Broad technology interests
  • Interested in learning new technologies, application, and tools

If you are interested in joining the technology committee, please send an email with your contact information to