People passionate about nature

Nick Carter

President’s Award recipient 1997

Nick Carter has committed hours of his time and talent towards working on environmental concerns for the MNS. He has worked diligently on the Riding Mountain National Park management and conservation plan. Nick has been our representative on the Manitoba EcoNetwork board and he is an active member of the Parks Committee.

He is always there to lend and ear and is ready with advice when asked. Nick’s years of experience with the Provincial Government has aided the MNS to better understand the political bureaucracy and work within it when needed. Nick is a mentor to many in the environmental community, especially those concerned with protecting our natural ecosystems. We are very fortunate indeed to have Nick as a member of the MNS.

Honorary Life Member 1996

In recognition of his long service in protection of the environment and his service in recent years to the Manitoba Naturalists Society, R.L. (Nick) Carter is awarded an honorary life membership in the MNS. During his years as Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Nick’s presence at countless meetings between the MNS and a series of Ministers was instrumental in ensuring a balanced dialogue was maintained between all parties. His presence in the office was especially significant during the MNS’s campaign to prevent logging in Atikaki Wilderness Park. Nick conceived and arranged the public debate between MNS representatives and officials of the Department of Natural Resources that finally turned the tide of public opinion that saved Atikaki Wilderness Park from logging.

Since his retirement, Nick has been a stalwart presence in the MNS Parks Committee, contributing wisdom, insights and maturity of judgement gained from his years of service in the field of natural resource management. No one else on the Committee could have made such a contribution. Nick has either officially or unofficially represented the MNS on the Manitoba Environment Council, the Eco-Network, at Clean Environment Commission hearings, and the Wilderness Caucus.

Of particular note has been his service as MNS’s official representative on the Riding Mountain National Park Round Table over the past two years (1994-96). Nick worked tirelessly representing MNS values at the Round Table, contributing countless weekends and evenings to that endeavour. His service on the Riding Mountain Round Table required him to drive to Wasagaming on many winter days when most of us preferred not to be on the highways.
During his years in government, Nick, as a public servant should do, served his political masters honourably and honestly. But his dedication to the cause and effort on behalf of nature protection over the past six years is clear evidence that his presence in government advanced the cause of environmental protection.