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Walk Stony Mountain trails

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July 12, 2023

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Patricia Rudolph -- register at

Location / Time: Meet at the large Stony Mountain Trails trailhead sign near Dufferin Drive & Main St in Stony Mountain at 9:30. Map. Start walking at 9:45.

Description: The Stony Mountain Quarry Trail is hidden behind a small forest in Stony Mountain. It has a few hills, some marsh, and a pond. The loop is 2.8 km long.  Afterwards, walk 10 minutes across town to the the Prairie Reserve trail and Assiniwa Trail that goes through the woods and a prairie flower field, and is near a lake. Then walk back to parking on Dufferin Drive. There is construction at the start of one trail, which is at the end of town, so the walk across town will be in the reverse direction from previous years. Total walking time is ~1½ hours in total.

Bring: Appropriate footwear and your name tag.

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