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Wildflowers Cycle

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September 13, 2023

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Chris Fulmyk -- register at

So, I have been studying up on my Manitoba wildflowers this summer and propose a cycle to the NE corner of the city. Coyote country.

On the Northeast Pioneers Greenway there is a section designated as "prairie rehabilitation", which hosts a plethora of wild plants. I propose a brief stop to identify as many wildflowers as possible. I will focus on the yellows and encourage other Hares to identify whites and blues/purples.
The ride will commence at 10:30 AM sharp at The Forks, and be about 30 km long.

Lunch at Bunn's Creek Centennial Park. There is a shelter building with washrooms.
To add an element of whimsy (you can never get enough of that), I invite any participant to sing a verse and chorus of "Wildflowers" by Dolly Parton or Tom Petty. Group harmony is encouraged, and lyric sheets are OK.
At a random point I will call for performers. Be forewarned that if nobody steps up, I will sing.
Anybody who sings will be treated to a beverage on me (dbaniak) from the Commons at The Forks at the conclusion of the ride.
To simplify enrollment, proceed on the basis that if you send an email of participation, you are in. Barring any inclement weather, we will proceed.
Cheers, Chris Fulmyk aka dbaniak.

PS: On request I will be able to provide accompaniment on spoons, comb and wax paper, or kazoo.

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