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Settlers, Rails & Trails Museum (Argyle MB) guided tour

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August 21, 2024

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Kevin & Anita Miller -- register at

Location: Argyle Community CentreTravel map (20 minutes / 27 km from the NW Perimeter Hwy).

Time: 10:00 AM. The guided tour will last for 45 minutes to an hour. Please plan to arrive at 9:45 to sign-in, pay, etc.

Cost: $5 per person.

Description: We will be given a guided tour of the Settlers, Rails & Trails Museum in Argyle by Shayne Campbell, its President & Executive Director (and a high school teacher).
Shayne says: "I will give you a tour of our brick exhibition, then we can go to the Museum Park outdoors. The park contains three recently restored heritage buildings, roads, an acre of native prairie, a karst sinkhole. Then people can walk around and take in the sights."
RM of Rockwood (video)
We will also learn about the Principal Meridan, which passes through Argyle. The Settlers, Rails & Trails Museum has plans to commemorate it. We can also see the Prime Meridan Trail.

Afterwards: Bring a lunch. We will eat onsite.
On the way back to Winnipeg, we can stop at Stonewall Quarry Park (history) and walk the 1.4K trail. When you register, please let us know if you are interested in this.

Carpooling: We can facilitate carpooling. When you register, if you are interested, please let us know where you are located so we can connect you with others who either live near you or are located along your route to the NW Perimeter Hwy.

Bring: $5 cash, lunch, your name tag.