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Elk Island hike

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July 31, 2024

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Angela Kemp -- register at

Location / Time: Meet at the 59er (on highway 59, just south of Birds Hill Park) at 8:45 AM for carpooling. Depart at 9:00. Drive north on highway 59. Watch for the drop in the speed limit to 70 km/hr at Albert Beach. 59 makes a left turn into Victoria Beach, but don’t turn. Continue north and you will be on highway 504. Arrive at the dead end of highway 504 at 10:00. Turn round and park along road 504.
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Description: The starting point for the hike is at the end of highway 504.
There are no washrooms at the start of the hike. There may be some at Sandy Bay Beach, which is a short distance into the hike. Angela will try to check this out beforehand.
The hike starts by walking west along Olafsson Blvd to Sandy Bay Beach. From there we will walk across the sand spit to Elk Island. Expect to be walking in about knee deep water part of the way across, so water shoes would be a good idea. Once on the island, we can stop so that people can change into dry shoes if they want. After walking along the beach for a bit, there is a trail leading into the woods. It is a not a rugged trail so any comfortable shoes will do. Eventually we will come out to a beautiful sandy beach where we can have lunch. Bring a swimsuit if you want to swim. I have seen blueberry plants on the island, so we might find some if we are lucky. After lunch we follow the trail back into the woods and can return by a different trail depending on what people want to do.
In 2019 the Grey Hares' Elk Island hike was almost 20 km.
Photos from 2019

Bring: Water, lunch, sunscreen, proper footwear and clothes, and your name tag.

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