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Summer Program Photo Gallery

View photos in the slideshow above (click to expand), or scroll the photos below. Photos all by Brian Hydesmith (unless otherwise noted).

Summer Program groups travel by canoe.

The route to the cabin provides stunning scenery.

Travelling through the Canadian Shield on the way to the cabin.

There are 6 portages on the journey.

Everyone helps to carry gear on the portages.

Stops for food and rest along the way are essential.

Travel to the cabin is an adventure.

And getting there is half the fun!

Seeing the cabin and sauna in the distance is a welcome sight after a day of travel.

Once at the cabin there is lots to do.

You can get up close with the natural world.


You can relax inside the wood-fired sauna or spend time on the sauna deck.

Some groups like to fish.

This fish get prepared for the group.

Everyone shares a delicious meal. 

This group decided to pick berries.

A small harvest of wild blueberries.

Blueberry pancakes for the group.

Scenic canoe rides are a great way to explore the area.

Groups also go on hikes to explore the area.

There are spectacular views to enjoy while at the Mantario Wilderness Cabin.

This Photography Week group found fantastic landscapes to capture.

You can also get up close with the beautiful plants and creatures in the area.

Everyone helps out with things like carrying water.

Cooking and clean up responsibilities are also shared.

Trip menus will vary depending on the group and the trip leader.

You can show off your skills or even learn something new.

You can cool down with a swim in Mantario Lake.

Kids and adults create wonderful memories here.

And of course the day-long adventure back is full of fun and beauty.


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