People passionate about nature

Susan McLarty

President’s Award 2010

Susan is the office manager for Nature Manitoba, and was an obvious candidate for the President’s Award.

The president must deal with a number of sometimes difficult issues, and it has been my great fortune that the administration of the Nature Manitoba office has NOT been one of them. I had already got to know Susan before I took on this assignment, and had grown to respect her sound judgement, common sense approach, and cheerful disposition. The first thing I did upon becoming president was to ask the board to invite her to take part in all board meetings. I knew that the board would greatly benefit from her participation.

It is enormously satisfying to not have to worry about how the office is run, about how members are being dealt with when they interact with the office, and about how money is being handled. I just know everything is being done right, with professionalism, courtesy, tact and cheerfulness. When I give Susan an assignment, I don’t have to check to make sure it gets done. I just know it will be.

This award recognizes that Susan is more than just an employee. She believes in Nature Manitoba and is dedicated to its success. She sees us, as many of us see ourselves, as part of a large extended family. She thinks nothing of putting in extra hours when circumstances demand, and has even offered to take on jobs to temporarily fill in staffing gaps. Now that is dedication!

So thank you Susan for making my life easier, and for helping to make sure Nature Manitoba is such a great place to be.