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Ward Christianson

Service Award recipient 1997

In recognition of his efforts during the past 5 years in coordinating the spring and, lately, the fall MNS garage sale, and his many hours in support of the objectives of the Society, Ward Christianson has been given a Service Award.
Since he joined the MNS in 1992, Ward has been involved in leading birding and cross country ski outings and has volunteered his time in other ventures in support of the MNS office. He spent many hours with the local Neotropical Birding Group in rating birds in terms of rarity in the province. Using the new Forest Ecosystem Classification for Manitoba, he also assisted in placing the province’s forest birds into one or more of the 33 classifications.

This year and last, Ward has taken over the “Great Bird Search”, an MNS fundraising event that is both educational and a lot of fun.

Coordinating the money-making spring garage sale is an onerous task and not one to be taken lightly. There are always volunteers to be sure, but setting dates, encouraging contributions, arranging the many pick-ups, pricing items, taking unsold items to the local landfill and ensuring the coffee and donuts are available before sale time are demanding tasks, but one he assumed with alacrity. When the Board decided upon a fall garage sale, Ward readily accepted the responsibility.

Ward is also a speciality leader (astronomy) for the Society’s Mantario Summer Program.